The Art of Cooperation

Over the course of the last five years, I have helped hundreds of people and organizations to increase their impact, both in and through cooperation.

Now you too can reap the benefits of more efficient meetings, of stronger networks that will expand your reach and of more profound interpersonal relationships!

Co-operation, collaboration, co-creation, co-working, community building, as well as open innovation, platforms and network ecosystems – all these approaches share a simple truth:

Humans are social beings, when working together we are able to achieve much more than on our own.

Develop and manifest YOUR personal impact through the “Art of Cooperation!”


Cooperation = Success. Guaranteed!

This one-day training course is designed to introduce YOU to the “Art of Cooperation” Here’s my contribution to your personal success:

  • Orientation: Discover how successful cooperation aids you in your project.
  • Efficiency Increase: Learn how to increase your impact while saving time and nerves.
  • Method Tool Box: By following a step-by-step program you will gain insights into an extensive tool box tailored for different applications.
  • Peer Mentoring: Carry over your learning experience into your everyday life by connecting locally.
  • Personal Development: Learn how to be strong and self-sufficient, so you can also be strong with others.

Your Individual Training

I will gladly create customized trainings to fit your, or your organization’s, needs.

My dynamic training format allows me to actively integrate members in both small and large groups. In doing so I rely on an extensive toolbox of methods, focusing on topics such as systemic network management, community building and designing collaborative collaboration.

My area of expertise is the development of complex network structures taking on the form of ecosystems. (see: Deloitte – business ecosystems)

Currently there are no scheduled public training session. If you are interested in a course, feel free to contact me!

I am also available as a speaker, consultant or coach in the fields of cooperation and social ecosystem design.

YOU can book me via: