My name is Hansi Herzog
I am an Austrian citizen and a citizen of the world

I am a joker
I am an entrepreneur
I am a nature lover
I am a desk hero
I am a heart person
I am a head person
I am playful
I am effects-oriented

I am the Chief Visionary Officer of CoCreate

I am myself
I am

I am a designer
I am a system architect
I am spiritual
I am pragmatic
I am a dreamer
I am a thinker

In my life I have been bridging the gap between apparent opposites for as long as I can remember. In that way the title “Chief Visionary Officer” (of CoCreate) represents the successful union of my two innate poles:

Heart and Brain versus Joker and Entrepreneur.

I view the world through a distinct “sense of possibility” founded on the deep conviction that all human beings are capable of cooperation.

I dream of a “good life for everyone.”

Working in fields such as “Consciousness” or “Social Change” for 10 years – enhanced by five years specifically spent in the area of “Cooperation” – I ventured through the following:

  • “Social Work & Social Management” Studies
  • The creation of with approx. 500 daily visitors
  • Approximately 50 guided group processes
  • 20+ networking events

“What we already have: all the solutions to completely re-envision and rebuild society. 

What we still need: a mode of relating our actions to one another in a profound and meaningful way.”

Hansi Herzog